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Domyślnie Board Rules


Bloodmoon is...a game. And a game should be fun, it should be entertaining and enjoyable for all players. In order to guarantee fun for everyone, rules must be set and followed.
Read these rules carefully, keep them in mind when you play Bloodmoon.
Last but not least...don't forget: have fun and enjoy your time here!

  • Each player is allowed to play only one account per server and IP.
  • The support team has the right to warn users, censor posts and ban users if they breach our rules.
  • In extreme cases users can even be banned without warning.
  • These rules apply to posts, signatures and private messages (PMs).
  • Our ToS and the German law apply to the whole forum. The operator of this forum can not be held responsible for images and links posted by users that violate copyright.
  • The official language in the game and forum is English. Character descriptions, guild texts and in-game messages in another language can lead to a ban or the deletion of your account. Latin quotations in character and guild descriptions are excluded from this rule.

a) Content:
  • Do not post pornographic, hateful, offensive, morally questionable content and links, including keys, hacks, cracks, warez and - generally speaking - content violative of any law.
  • Do not post commercial content or any form of commercial advertising.
  • Do not post content related to other browser games.
  • Do not use vulgar and inappropriate language.
  • Be nice, be polite, no flaming, no trolling!
b) Privacy & identity:
  • Do not post private messages without the written consent of all involved parties.
  • Fraud is forbidden. If you defraud someone and he/she reports it to board staff, you may receive an instant ban without warning.
  • Do not post on behalf of banned forum members.
  • Do not post with other accounts.
  • Do not pose as another user or member of the support team.
  • Do not talk about bans, warnings and banned or warned users.
  • Do not post content, links, nicknames and account names with the sole purpose of insulting users!
c) Style:
  • Do not post in wrong forums (offtopic posts), do not double-post, do not push your threads. No cross-posting.
  • Do not overuse spoilers and quotes.
  • Do not spam with emoticons or images! It causes too much traffic and may freeze other users***8217; computers.
  • All posts must contain a minimum of 4 words. Posts with fewer words will be considered as spam and you will be warned accordingly. Any forms of acronyms such as ICU, BRB, LOL, ROFLMAO will be considered as one word.
  • An emoticon does not count as a word.
  • Images in signatures must not exceed the following dimensions:

    maximum width: 700 px
    maximum height: 140 px
    maximum file size: 100 kb

  • It is not allowed to enlarge signatures beyond these limits.
  • Text in signatures is allowed unless it is a) racist, b) sexist, c) politically, religiously or morally insulting, d) commercial or e) related to other browser games.
  • Multiple warnings can lead to a permanent ban. Creating a new account during a temporary ban can lead to a permanent ban.
  • If you feel you have been treated unjustly by a Supporter contact him or her. If your problem has not been solved you may get in contact with the Community Manager. The Community Managers's word is final.
  • If a user tries to overrule a support member's decision by contacting another support member with the same case, his or her account can be locked or deleted. Complaints are excluded from this rule.
  • Problems with a Supporter. Contact the Community Manager.
  • Our team reserves the right to change these rules at any time when necessary.
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